We Hope You’ll Be Thankful for These Thanksgiving Tips!

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Thanksgiving is coming up!

Thanksgiving is coming up! You might have been looking forward to it all year. Even though Halloween and Christmas are both super exciting times and meaningful experiences, Thanksgiving is often considered another favorite holiday. Need to get ready for hosting the party this year? We have collected some tips we are sure you will appreciate! 

Assemble the List of Guests 

The guest list should be where you start. After all, the celebration won’t be that memorable without anyone joining you. Since you’re more than likely inviting guests who are not part of your regular household, it’s a good idea to verify that no one is sick and that everyone is caught up on flu shots and Covid vaccines. By preparing a list, you can prepare more efficiently to ensure enough food and seating for everyone. 

Create a Menu and Start Shopping

Once that’s taken care of, it’s time to outline a menu. These days, many dietary needs, restrictions, and lifestyles have become more prominent. Since you’ll have a headstart, you can swoop in and take advantage of the magnificent sales that grocery stores will be offering. Besides, multiple smaller shopping trips are far less exhausting than one enormous trip. On top of that, it will reduce the sticker shock you’ll feel. 

Focus on the Freezer And Start Cooking 

How much room is left in your freezer? It’s another good thought to take inventory. That way, you can use up what you want and discard what you don’t. Why does this step matter? Because you can get started on cooking and freeze until Turkey Day arrives. Some of the items you can make in advance include pie crusts, bread rolls, homemade stocks, broths, and stuffings. It’s a massive time saver that will make the actual occasion much less stressful! 

Figure Out Who Sits Where 

Almost as important as the guest list is the seating chart. Remember how tricky it was to devise a seating chart for a wedding? That problem comes up again around the annual holidays. Do you have enough chairs and tables for everyone? You must also count how much silverware, dinnerware, glasses, and linens you have. Even if you’re not going to do anything fancy (maybe just a Friendsgiving), you’ve still got to take stock of what you have and what you need and prevent any potential friction or arguments that could spoil everyone’s good time. 

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