Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Custom Home

Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Custom Home

Read on to learn how to build an energy-efficient custom home with the assistance of Cedar Square Homes!

A lot of modern custom homes are created with energy efficiency in mind. Typically, if they’re designed and built well, they will help prevent energy loss and provide savings on your energy bills long-term. Working with experienced custom home builders helps ensure that your custom home is built with high-quality materials, meets your needs, and is energy-efficient. Read on to learn how to build an energy-efficient custom home with the assistance of Cedar Square Homes!

Using Effective Insulation

Effective insulation is one of the top tips for building your home to be energy-efficient. A correctly insulated custom home prevents drafts from keeping your cooling and heating efforts inside your house for maximum impact. At the same time, it helps prevent the air and moisture outside from entering your custom home. This helps regulate the temperature inside and allows your HVAC system to work efficiently to maintain a consistent temperature. Wrapping and insulating your home’s hot water pipes could help your water heater work betteras well. You could also opt for insulated doors to help further seal up your home and protect the temperature inside. This is one benefit of insulated garage doors, especially those with attached garages. We at Cedar Square Homes can help install insulation in your dream custom home!

Look to Install ENERGY STAR Appliances

The EPA has developed the ENERGY STAR rating system to assist homeowners in improving their energy savings in both new and existing homes. Every product has to be independently certified regarding savings, quality, and performance before it can earn an ENERGY STAR label. When something is highly rated as energy efficient by ENERGY STAR, you know that you can depend on that information, and rest assured that the product you have is fully energy-efficient. By picking energy-efficient home appliances with the assistance of Cedar Square Homes, you can help make sure that your larger appliances aren’t a drain on your custom home’s system and are not inflating your energy bills unnecessarily.  

Choose the Right Window Treatments

Window treatments offer a great efficiency option while also improving the look of your home. For any south-facing windows, pick blinds or drapery that filter the light in the summer to reduce the amount of heat. Reducing the light during these months also minimizes the possibility of color fading in furniture and carpets. Heavy insulated draperies should be used over big or north-facing windows to reduce the cold air filtration during the winter time. You may also pick clear plastic liners designed to prevent airflow while still giving you a clear view. Cedar Square Homes can help with energy efficiency while building your custom home, so give us a call today to learn more!

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