The Best Summer Upgrades to Have with Your Custom Home

The Best Summer Upgrades to Have with Your Custom Home

Summer features are crucial for keeping cool in your custom home.

When building your custom home, make sure it is suitable for each season of the year. No matter what nature throws your way, you want to be certain that you will enjoy it in the comfort of your custom home. Summer features, in particular, are crucial for keeping cool even during the sunniest months of the summer. Now that temperatures are soaring right through the roof, we’ve started thinking about a few of the best summer features we’ve seen all throughout the years – and you may want to start thinking about them. Read on to learn more!

Automated Shades in Your Home

Have you ever been trying to relax, and the pesky sun will not let you, but you’re already nice and comfortable? It could be a small problem, but it feels great to tackle it with a few of our favorite summer features: and that is automated shades. These help you take complete control of when and where the sunlight ends up. Say goodbye to manually raising window shades daily; now you can easily set up a good routine so great natural sunlight will pour into your bedroom as soon as you wake up. Sounds pretty nice if you enjoy spending time in the sun!

Metal Roofs

You might not think of metal as a roofing material, but it can be a great option, especially if you want to keep your home a bit cooler. Metal is conductive and energy-efficient, helping keep the heat out of your house. It can be very beautiful, so take a look at a few options out there, and you could be surprised.

Enhanced Insulation

In the past, bad insulation was the biggest culprit behind difficulties during extreme weather conditions. A poorly insulated door or window will allow cool air out during the summer. It will allow hot air out during the winter as well. It is also not energy efficient, so your bills go up. When building your custom home during the summer, look for high-quality insulation in your doors and windows to make sure you are always comfortable.

Modernized HVAC Systems

Nothing beats the heat like a solid, efficient HVAC system. New models are capable of cooling a lot more than older ones. You could even get smart thermostats so each person in the house can control the temperature in their hands. By installing a quality HVAC system from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about maintenance all that much, either.

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