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//An Autumn-Inspired Culinary Tour Across the Globe

An Autumn-Inspired Culinary Tour Across the Globe

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Fall changes everything. Even though it isn’t often mentioned, autumn represents a fresh start.

Fall changes everything. Even though it isn’t often mentioned, autumn represents a fresh start. Sure, it doesn’t have the symbolism of renewal like spring does or the adventurous spirit of summer. It is certainly a time of transition. Here in America, such staples as pumpkins, turkeys, and nutty pies rule the roost from September to the very end of November. What do we mean? Let’s whet your appetite!

What the World Brings Us
Various fall celebrations mark the change of seasons from summer to autumn. While the northern hemisphere is moving into fall, the southern hemisphere is actually beginning to experience summer at the same time. Weird, isn’t it? The axial tilt of the Earth is behind that quirk.

Elsewhere in the Americas
Canada has a tradition called l’action de grace and its own version of Thanksgiving. Canadian Thanksgiving occurs in October instead of November. Down in Brazil, the Brazilians enjoy Beijinho de Abobora Com Coco or pumpkin-coconut balls. Meanwhile, El Salvador puts its own spin on turkey. Pavo, as it’s called, is wildly popular for Christmas since it is slathered in sauce. Immigrants to the US have adapted to making it the centerpiece of Thanksgiving as well. The meat, veggies, spices, and sauce come together to make something truly magical.

Our southern neighbors in Mexico love their chocolate nut cake. This treat is known as pastel de chocolate y Nueces. The bounties of both summer and fall harvest are combined into a fantastic dessert. And all the way down in Peru, the Peruvians take autumn-themed desserts to the next level. That’s because their sweet potato and pumpkin fritters covered in spiced syrup take the spotlight. The pumpkin and potatoes are accentuated with cinnamon, star anise, and even pineapple.

On the Far Side in East Asia
Meanwhile, our East Asian friends have their own ways to mark the change of seasons and welcome autumn. In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest holiday of the year. Mooncakes are a staple of this tradition. As with other cultures that have crossed over to the United States, they’re as popular with the Chinese Americans as their counterparts in Mainland China and nearby countries. In Korea, you’ll find jeon uh is super popular. Jeon uh, also known as gizzard shad, is one of Korea’s most beloved kinds of seafood, along with prawns and blue crabs. Sound familiar, Marylanders?

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