A Fresh Approach to Custom Home Building

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We propose a new solution to custom home building. This one will be aimed at returning your investment in terms of both time and money.

Building your dream home from the sticks up is a terrific goal. It’s also bound to take up the majority of your time, attention, and energy. All three of these resources you could refer to as “human bandwidth.” The old methods and techniques that worked decades ago might not work anymore. Besides, the advancement of technology should make such concepts and strategies more sophisticated. At least, one would think so. We propose a new solution to custom home building. This one will be aimed at returning your investment in terms of both time and money. 

Find a Trustworthy Builder

The foundation (ha) of any successful custom home building project is working with the right builder. Although the lowest quotes, estimates, and bids look attractive, remember that you’ll get what you pay for. Although you might think you’re saving money upfront, delays and shoddy construction work will end up costing you. Hidden charges will pop up when you least expect them, and they can create unwanted headaches that can derail your project. Reliable and reputable builders keep everything aboveboard. Talking to friends and neighbors (or via online community groups) is a great place to start.  

Decide on the Aesthetics 

Another suggestion we have for you has to do with aesthetics. Pick an aesthetic that appeals to you. Then, do your best not to change your mind too drastically once the building work begins. Different styles have different inherent costs, so what you want to have will be curbed by how big your budget is. Industrial and minimalist aesthetics are less expensive, while the farmhouse and bohemian styles are more expensive. Interior design, though, is much more forgiving. Cohesion is easier to achieve than you might think – just keep it simple! 

Get A Head Start in the Fall 

Spring and summer are the peak seasons for new construction. That’s mainly because the weather is much nicer. The problem is, you’ll be competing with other custom homeowners for the same pool of builders and supplies. Therefore, getting a head start in the fall is an excellent idea. The weather is an important factor, and it can impact the pace of construction for single-family homes. By choosing this season as your starting point, you’ll save money because you’ll be able to keep your budget more reasonable.  

Select Inexpensive Underlayment

Underlayment sounds like a component of a home’s foundation. In other words, it might sound like a support structure for your basement. But the reality is that underlayment is roofing-related instead. Clay and asphalt shingles protect the roofing system. The underlayment is directly underneath the roof, and it is typically composed of asphalt-saturated felt, synthetics, or rubberized asphalt. Asphalt-saturated felt is a great option for saving money while feeling confident that you’re not losing any quality.   

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Whether you are ready to start the custom building home journey or you still have more questions, the trained professionals at Cedar Square Homes are here to help you out. We are beloved throughout Maryland and beyond for our attentive service and affordable home remodeling and building prices. We proudly serve Anne Arundel County. Visit us online or call us at 410-987-9771. To see more examples of our work and helpful tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Cedar Square Homes MHIC #27095

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