Halloween Approaches: Get in the Spooky Spirit with These Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is only a few weeks away!

Halloween is only a few weeks away. After waiting (sometimes impatiently) all year, the time is ripe for spectacular costumes, atmospheric playlists, and plenty of tasty candy! Decking out your home is a fun way to spend quality time with your loved ones. It’s also a fantastic way to build some lasting memories and make this time of year even more special!

Make Your Mantel More Magical
Your mantelpiece holds more power than you might think. Ever wonder why in Harry Potter they’d use the fireplace as a transit hub? In this case, you can enchant the mundane with a bit of the unexpected. Use a black net to make a cobweb and add garlands of black leaves and loose gauze. Spiders, mice, crows, and some tree branches add to the ambiance. Alternatively, you could rethink how you would use ordinary decor. Grey and black gauze support fun flourishes such as bats and photo frames.

Reading is Fundamental for Power
Did you know that reading is fundamental? Reading grants knowledge, and knowledge is power. Learning never stops, and your education continues into later life even when you’re not in school anymore. Channel that idea and distill it into your Halloween aesthetic. Books covered in orange gift wrap paper make a great base display for ravens, mice, candles, and artificial jack-o-lanterns. Then grab skulls and cobwebs and scatter them around books and novels gussied up for the occasion. Place a vase of black roses and a set of LED candles around them, and it’s a prime spot for reading spooky stories from the likes of Edgar Allan Poe or Mary Shelley!

Light Up the Batsignal
No, we don’t mean that one. In this case, allow your cloud of decorative bats to take the spotlight. They’re a Halloween icon for a reason, after all! Walls and windows serve as wonderful surfaces for them to shine, and you can then adorn the table underneath them with stretch webbing, fake spiders, glittery pumpkins, and candelabras.

Prepare Stylized Props
What good is a Halloween party without some cheesy props? That’s half the fun! Put together “potion bottles” complete with cork stoppers and shiny ribbons. Make sure you use LED candles since they give off light without emitting heat that could turn into a fire hazard. Oh, and one more thing – dry ice plus hot water create some pleasantly sinister smoke!

Outdoor Safety Suggestions

Make sure that you make your yard as safe as possible. That way, trick-or-treaters can move around without encountering any tripping hazards. How can you do this? Clear out walking paths, rake the leaves, and set up additional lights to aid visibility!

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