3 Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Home During the Winter

Regardless of what type of custom home you have, the time has come to take care of it.

Depending on when you began the construction process, your new custom home might be ready for you to move into. Even if you didn’t have to wait several months, or in some cases, several years, for your new home, you still had options. One of those options could have been a ready-to-move-in home. Regardless of what type of custom home you have, the time has come to take care of it.

Cover Your Furniture

The furniture inside your home or stored in your garage for the winter should be fine. What you need to worry about, however, is the deck and patio furniture that you might not be able to bring inside. Luckily, there is something you can do: use a plastic sheet to protect your furniture from the ice, snow, and wind. However, since rust can still pose a problem to your furnishings, you need to deal with that possibility as well. Although it’s an unusual answer to that problem, if you use some petroleum jelly on any exposed surfaces, you can prevent rust from forming.

Address Draftiness

Even if you use enough weatherstripping, you might still encounter some draftiness. This unfortunate problem could have been one of the reasons you left your old home behind an moved into a new home instead. Take a closer look at some areas you might not expect as the source of the issue: vents, such as the ones for your washer and dryer, the spots where wires and cables run in and out of the walls, and any ductwork in your new custom home.

Clear the Trees

Once it is isn’t snowing anymore, you might think all the trouble has gone. But there is one more potential threat to your custom home that you might not have taken into account. That risk comes from the weight of all snow on the trees around your home. Even if your car, your driveway, and your street are all safe from the snow, you might not immediately notice branches that have snapped off the nearby trees. If you haven’t already, inspect the health of the trees around your yard; trimming tree branches now could spare you any nasty surprises later on in the season.

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