Do You Still Need to Winterize Your Custom Home?

Do you still need to winterize your custom home? Don’t forget to clean out your filters!

Avid fans of Game of Thrones are well-acquainted with the ominous phrase “winter is coming.” However, winter is finally here. Do you still need to winterize your custom home? If so, don’t fret! We have collected some of our favorite tips for making sure your custom home will remain beautiful, pristine, and most importantly, functional until you can dream about spring again.

Clean Your Filters

Your furnace filters are probably in need of some attention. Furnaces radiate heat, something you probably didn’t need over the summer but found that you did once fall arrived. But if you forget to maintain your furnaces, the filters are going to clog up incredibly quickly. Now that winter is here, and outdoor temperatures are getting frightful, you will need your furnaces working at full capacity. A clean furnace restores adequate airflow, improves energy efficiency, and can reduce your custom home’s energy costs. Also, you’ll have access to cleaner air free of any potential allergens, germs, or spores of mold and mildew.

Empty Water Lines

Next, you’ll want to check on your outdoor water lines. Your air conditioning unit is most likely kept somewhere outside your home. The pipes connecting the water line to your AC unit can’t have any residual water left in it, or else it’ll freeze. For best results, you should locate the control valve for your outdoor water supply and switch it off for the next few months. If your home’s AC unit is installed in a window, you should move it to avoid letting drafts into your custom home.

Secure Doors and Windows

Speaking of allowing drafts in, make sure your windows and doors are secure. Although a security system isn’t a bad idea, that isn’t what we mean. Insulate your storm doors and your windows the best you can; these methods will help retain heat inside your home.

Add Insulation

Don’t forget that your pipes can freeze! As such, you’ll also want to add more insulation to your pipes and plumbing if needed. Freezing and thawing can cause havoc on your pipes, so if you would like to avoid a burst pipe flooding your home, be sure to insulate them.

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