Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

Here are winter maintenance tips you should follow to keep your wooden deck in top form.

The winter season means lots of preparations need to be done in order for your exterior to be able to handle the harsh cold elements. One part of your landscape that will need attention is your deck. Wooden decks are wonderful. They define great outdoor living spaces and functionality throughout the year, but they require recurring maintenance if they’re going to continue looking their best. This holds even more true in winter when the temperatures and climate are less forgiving to wood. Here are winter maintenance tips you should follow to keep your wooden deck in top form.

Regular Inspections

Wooden decks require upkeep to make sure nothing bad is happening to them.

If you see that your deck has mold or mildew on it, you should clean it off so that it doesn’t damage your decking any further. Oxygen bleach is a great resource for this purpose. Keeping your decking clear of debris is also a big help, especially because some pieces of debris retain water, making your deck more susceptible to rotting.

If you inspect your decking monthly, you should be fine. A varnish is also helpful once per year.

Make Sure your Deck Stays Clean

Cleaning your deck should become a regular part of your maintenance routine. If you leave debris on your deck and that debris starts to rot, your decking can become compromised by the same rot.

Using sealants to protect your decking is advised because these sealants prevent algae, mold, and moss that build up on the surface. Just be sure that you perform a thorough cleaning of your deck before you apply any sealant.

Remove Any Planters, Pots, or Pieces of Furniture You Have

When winter rolls around, you want to get your deck cleared off. You don’t want anything on your deck that could potentially hold moisture and make it more likely for rotting to occur. Furniture, planters, and any other features you have on your decking should be kept inside instead. You can bring everything out again once spring arrives and the temperatures become warmer.

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