How to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

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Regardless of whether it’s natural or artificial, your Christmas tree could become a fire hazard.

This might sound corny, but it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Have you gotten your tree yet? If not, you might want to before all the best ones are gone. Regardless of whether it’s natural or artificial, your Christmas tree could become a fire hazard. Why is this a possibility? There could be numerous flame triggers that you might not notice until it’s already too late.  

Look for Insects or Other Pests 

First things first, be on the lookout for bugs and other unwanted guests. Even this late in the year, we’ve seen some days with unusually high temperatures. That’s not always a good thing. Why? Insects such as ticks and mites can cling onto the branches. So once you bring your tree home, shake it down; hosing down the tree works, too, if you’re patient enough to let it dry out by itself. Whatever you do, don’t give in to the temptation to resort to chemical insect sprays. These substances are easily flammable and can turn your holiday display into a fire trap. 

Focus on Common-Sense Fire Prevention 

We also advise that you concentrate on common-sense fire prevention techniques. Electrical mishaps and failures can turn sparks into flames. Limit the number of string lights and screw-in bulbs you use as decorations. If you have a live Christmas tree, make sure you give it sufficient water. Likewise, be more thoughtful about the electrical considerations tied to your lights.  UL approval indicates that the lights you are using are reliable and present a low fire risk. Cracked wiring is just as dangerous as fractured bulbs. 

Turn Off the Tree, Unplug the Lights

When it’s bedtime, turn off the tree and unplug the lights. Are you about to head out for another hectic shopping trip? In that case, turn off the tree and unplug the lights. These two steps drastically decrease the possibility of a house fire caused by unmonitored Christmas trees. Avoid trimming the tree with real candles and putting them too close to other heat sources – such as fireplaces. The minimum safe distance from heat sources and exits is three feet. 

Artificial Christmas trees are low-maintenance compared to their natural counterparts. But even if they are labeled as fire-resistant, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Overloaded electrical sockets are potential dangers that should be addressed before a fire breaks out inside your festively-laden home.     

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