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//The Final Countdown: Destress Your Move into a Custom Home in 6 Weeks!

The Final Countdown: Destress Your Move into a Custom Home in 6 Weeks!

The Final Countdown: Destress Your Move into a Custom Home in 6 Weeks!

Moving into your new custom home is exciting, but it can also be a little bit stressful. Follow these tips to take the stress out of moving!

You know how it goes: it’s the final countdown! Now that that earworm of a song is stuck in your head, it’s time to think about how to manage your move into the new custom home that is finally ready for you to inhabit after so many months, or even years, of waiting in feverish anticipation. It’s easy to overstress, so here is a guide on how to do it calmly.

6 Weeks Before

Start by figuring out what you’re taking with you, and what you can afford to discard. After all, moving is going to be a maddeningly time-consuming process, and you won’t be able to take everything that you’ve accumulated, even if you’ve only been in your current domicile for a few months before it’s time to move. Determine estimated costs if you plan on hiring movers, and gauge what friends and family would like to eat and drink as they help you pack up and gradually schlep stuff to your new home. Label all the relevant boxes, and keep a binder of important documents until the closing papers are finalized. This is especially important if you haven’t gotten your new set of keys yet!

5 Weeks Before

Change your billing address, and pack up the things that you don’t use all that often but don’t want to donate. Collect everything together so that you won’t have to waste time aggregating everything on the day you need to move, and take reference photos of current room setups in case you want to rearrange or remodel once you start unloading in your new house.

4 Weeks Before

Hold a garage sale and then donate anything that can’t sell.

3 Weeks Before

Let the MVA know where you’re moving, especially if it still somewhere in Maryland. Ensure access for the movers, and clear out all of your hiding places for small objects. Let the packing commence.

2 Weeks Before

Switch over utilities from your current abode to your new custom home. Cancel services if you need to so that you don’t get overcharged for service to two locations. Put your travel kit together and make sure it’s ready to go on short notice, especially if you can move in sooner than expected.

1 Week

By the time you reach the final week, you’ll be bursting with enthusiasm. You won’t be able to wait much longer, so how can you keep your cool? Take your pets to see the vet. Then, make sure everyone you want to visit knows your new address, especially if you are planning on hosting a housewarming party. Get all of your medication refills set until you can go to the pharmacy that is closest to your new digs. Finally, make sure everything is all packed before you devise a floor plan for where everything will go.

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