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//Fun Pet Features for Your Custom Home in Annapolis

Fun Pet Features for Your Custom Home in Annapolis

Pet Features for Your Custom Home in Annapolis

What’s the fun in designing your custom home if you don’t take your beloved pets into account!?

What’s the fun in designing your custom home if you don’t take your beloved pets into account? With more Millenials buying homes for their dogs than their kids (although there’s plenty of reasons for that) home trends have changed to reflect how beloved pets can be. Making updates to your custom home plan that cater to your pets isn’t just for them though, you can reap plenty of benefits as well. For decreased clutter, improved cleanliness, and happier pets; you have to consider these fun additions.

Bath Stations

Adding dog bath stations is one of the new leading trends in both home and apartment design. Giving pets can be a challenge – not only can it be messy, but it may be something they don’t love. Having a specific zone in an area like the laundry room can help keep the mess contained and make bathtime less scary. Giving your dog a bath can help improve their health and help keep dander and shedding down. Clean dogs also mean less mud and dirt will get tracked into your beautiful new home!

Dinner Zones

Keeping clutter out of your way and your pet’s food neatly stowed can have several benefits. Not only will you be less likely to trip over water bowls, but your pooch will have a designated space for meals and water. This can be a pull-out shelf allowing food bowls to only be out during food times, or extra storage to keep the less than beautiful bag out of sight. Keep in mind that your pets do need round the clock access to fresh water if you do add a pull out drawer for food be sure to have a bowl of water located elsewhere, especially if you have a skittish cat who does not appreciate the presence of a pup in their palace.

Custom Doors

One of the more unique trends in dog design that we’re loving is the use of custom doors. Items like slide-out gates to keep dogs (and children for that matter) in our out of rooms is a brilliant way to make use of your design freedom. This is a tool that can be useful throughout your dogs lifetime as there are plenty of instances when they may need to be confined beyond puppyhood.

Cat Customizations

When it comes to cats, the options for customization are endless. Cats are curious and playful animals who will love having places to hide and explore. Adding built-in shelving, secret passageways, and wall add-ons can help keep them active and stimulated. Another design trend we appreciate is built indoors that allow for hidden litter boxes.

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