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//Key Home Design Decisions: Placing Bathrooms Near Kitchens

Key Home Design Decisions: Placing Bathrooms Near Kitchens

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Numerous home design regulations influence the arrangement and configuration of your custom home.

Arranging the design of your home can seem intimidating. However, when you work with a highly-regarded custom home design company, that doesn’t have to be the case. Your partner will do everything they can to simplify and expedite the design process. Still, there are bound to be some lingering questions: namely, “is it possible to put a bathroom by the kitchen?”
Consider the Transmission of Odors
So, first things first, consider the movement of objectionable odors. There are several ways to keep the odors under control. For instance, you could be extra vigilant about keeping the bathroom surfaces clean. Meanwhile, ventilation fans can also absorb the odors and prevent them from becoming nuisances elsewhere in the house. Air fresheners can also make a difference. Chores don’t have to be troublesome, especially when everyone in the household takes a turn at completing them.
Building Rules and Restrictions
Another factor you should consider has to do with rules and restrictions. Numerous home design regulations influence the arrangement and configuration of your custom home. In the past, common regulations dictated that two doors must separate the toilet and the kitchen. Even so, you should still check in with your county authorities before proceeding with construction. Depending on the circumstances of who lives with you, universal design and accessibility should take precedence.
The Practicality of Shared Walls
If you’re a believer in the power of feng shui, putting a kitchen and a bathroom close together is not a good idea. That said, the overall functionality of your home design approach should outweigh such considerations. Bathrooms need a variety of plumbing connections embedded within their walls. Should something go wrong, the wall might need to come down. That would, of course, interrupt the workflow of the kitchen. Likewise, the kitchen will have some utilities that you need to think about while laying out the interior of your home. After all, kitchens need electricity and water, and in some cases, a gas pipe. Consider whether there are load-bearing walls or freestanding walls that separate the two rooms or not.
Requirements Regarding Kitchen Placement
Now then, let’s turn our attention to where the kitchen should go. Besides function, the organization is the most influential factor on where the kitchen is placed. Putting a butler’s pantry or regular pantry nearby is a valid suggestion. Then ensure that the kitchen has proper ventilation, lighting, and outlets for appliances. A range hood can collect and eject the lingering fumes – so don’t discount how important it is to include them.

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