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//How to Use Feng Shui in Regards to Home Design

How to Use Feng Shui in Regards to Home Design

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Do you know what feng shui is?

Do you know what feng shui is? Or what does it mean? They are a set of guidelines that can help improve the feeling within your home. When you infuse your home design with a sense of this approach, you’ll be astounded by the results. We’ve assembled a list of several tips to help get you started!

For Your Home’s Entryway
Let’s start our journey by talking about one of the most important parts of your home: the entryway. You may know a thing or two about the significance of the threshold. This portal into your home carries more energy than you might realize at first. Start by making sure that the front door is easy to see. Then upgrade or replace the doorbell. If you have a classy door knocker, consider changing that feature as well. Keep the “stoop” area clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris. An easy-to-follow pathway is a good idea, too.

For Your Home’s Floor Plan
Now let’s go inside. When you oversee the creation of a new construction home, laying out the floor plan is a much easier task. That said, there are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to follow the feng shui philosophy. The common areas should be situated in the front, while more private areas are placed towards the back. Place kitchens, living rooms, and home offices closer to the front entry and foyer; this choice imbues all of these rooms with even more positive vibes. Bedrooms should be in the rear or upstairs unless other circumstances dictate that this isn’t a viable option.

Considering the So-Called “Command Positions”
Of all of the concepts we are discussing, this one might be the most unfamiliar. Think very carefully about where you want to put the bed, the desk, and the stove. Why does this matter so much? The bed is a representation of you (the self); the desk represents your career. Meanwhile, the stove represents both wealth and how you sustain yourself and your family. Try to orient each of these items diagonally from the door – that way, the door is still visible, but you are not in the direct line of sight for anyone walking through the hall.

What’s in the Heart?
As we wrap up our conversation, take a moment to contemplate the meaning of the word “heart.” In other words, where is the heart of your home located? The center of the home represents the overall health and vitality of the household. This concept is summed up in the phrase “tai qi” according to the Bagua map. Much like the human heart, it directs energy to the other parts of your home, so avoid putting staircases or bathrooms in the middle.

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