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//Broken Design: An Unorthodox Way to Liven Up Your Home’s Floor Plan

Broken Design: An Unorthodox Way to Liven Up Your Home’s Floor Plan

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One of the most important aspects of any new home is the floor plan.

One of the most important aspects of any new home is the floor plan. The disposition of this layout affects how easy it is to walk through your house and enter or exit each room. Open floor plans are, naturally, a highly popular principle of design. Broken plans present another approach. They keep the open floor plan largely intact but define separations between rooms. This strategy improves the feeling of “privacy” without making everything so insular.

The Amazingly Versatile Half Wall
Half walls are not a brand new concept. They are a fantastic way to divide up rooms without blocking line-of-sight. As open layouts become increasingly trendier, there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of half walls. Exposed brick or shiplap add interesting textures that an otherwise blank wall wouldn’t have. Alternatively, you can use the half wall to support additional shelving. This arrangement, in turn, increases your storage potential. Essentially, you gain more space for books, blankets, and toys!

An Elegant Glass Wall
Sliding doors are an innovative component of home design principles that can conceal private rooms. Glass walls sound contrary to this idea. Frosting and etching techniques can add more without blocking the natural light streaming inside. Most glass walls are in bathrooms and bedrooms, but you can also use them to separate your staircase instead.

The Sunken Room or Conversation Pit
Sunken rooms are also called conversation pits. They get their name from their depth relative to the rest of the floor around them. Although they don’t have walls, they still provide a much-needed definition. Beyond creating an unconventional living room, you can use it as a library, conservatory, or arena to let your kids’ imaginations run wild while they play with their toys.

Incorporating Intricately Decorative Pillars
Load-bearing walls and support pillars are functional without attracting attention to themselves. Decorative pillars provide additional aesthetic appeal. By integrating them into your home’s floor plan, you reduce the need for extra doors and walls that could be hard to navigate around otherwise. Living rooms, kitchens, and finished basements all benefit from this lovely addition.

Experiment with Other Interior Design Elements
Build intrigue inside your custom home. What do we mean? Don’t hesitate to experiment with interior design. They can be short-term solutions for using broken plans when you don’t want to make a long-term commitment. Lower bookcases, taller ottomans, screens, and area rugs are great ideas in this regard. Talk to your architect to see if this design makes sense for you!

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