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//4 Late Summer Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Wonderful

4 Late Summer Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Wonderful

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Embrace the next phase of the year with these late-blooming summer landscaping tips!

August is here, and you know what that means! The summer is almost over. How does your lawn look? Even if it’s been stressed out by the relentless heat, there are some ways you can revive it. Cooler temperatures are coming, so your landscape should be prepared for its arrival. Embrace the next phase of the year with these late-blooming summer landscaping tips!
Keep On Watering Wisely
First of all, continue your watering routine. Depending on the daily conditions, you might have to adjust how often and how deeply you do so. This task is also affected by rules and regulations in your area regarding water usage. Collecting rainwater in rain barrels is a good idea – that way, you’ll have a sustainable source of water to nourish your plants with!
Use the Deadhead Method and Start Harvesting
The name of this method sounds odd, we agree. But it is highly useful nonetheless. Deadheading the flowers helps them grow and keeps them looking tidy. Petunias and pansies are not difficult to care for in this way; meanwhile, you might have to cut other flowers. By doing this, you help them thrive. Fresh-cut flowers can also improve the ambiance of your home after you bring them inside.

Your garden, if you have one, is probably full-to-bursting with delicious vegetables. Harvest your bumper crop and take them into your kitchen. That way, pumpkins, squash, corn, and potatoes have more room to spread out. Now is a great time to get that project underway for those of you who enjoy canning veggies. Besides, your landscape won’t look densely overgrown and overwhelming to maintain!
Very Cautiously Begin Pruning
Another aspect of landscape care involves careful pruning. Take a minute to think about bonsai trees – you guide their development with cautious cutting. As the end of summer approaches, put this principle into practice. Trimming roses, shrubs, and trees also help manicure your overall landscaping layout. Make sure that your pruners are kept sharp and well-cleaned. They’ll be easier to use and make cleaner cuts. More delicate plants will thank you for your consideration.
Undo Your Pets’ Rambunctious Mischief
Your energetic pets are going to take their toll on your lawn. Fill in the holes they’ve dug and repair the patches of grass that have been damaged. Then review your garden accessories – are they still intact? If not, mend what you can and replace what you can’t. Aging fences and gates could stand some maintenance as well. Depending on their condition, you might have to build new ones.
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