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//3 Tips for Remodeling Your Pasadena Home’s Basement

3 Tips for Remodeling Your Pasadena Home’s Basement

3 Tips for Remodeling Your Pasadena Home’s Basement

Remodeling your home’s basement is a fantastic way to add more living space.

Remodeling your Pasadena home’s basement is a fantastic way to add more living space. Even if you supervised the custom home design process, you might find that the basement you thought was big enough needs some love. Here are some tips on how to make this dream come true! And please don’t forget that licensed contractors and permits may be required! Cedar Square Homes is your “go-to” for all of your remodeling jobs. 

Create Another Family or Game Room 

Spend more time with family and friends by turning your basement into the envy of your Pasadena neighborhood! Putting in a big-screen TV with video games and a rocking sound system make a big difference. A pool table, foosball table, or ping pong table can also make your basement the place to be! Leaving your basement level incomplete means you are losing out on a world of fun activities. Make sure to emphasize cushy flooring, comfy furniture, and plenty of adjustable lighting!

Add a Guest Suite to the Basement

If your basement is large enough, you can include several rooms besides having one spot for additional storage that your finished attic can’t accommodate. This step is where you can create a guest suite for friends and family who come to visit, complete with a lovely bedroom and personal bathroom. The size of the bed matters in terms of floor space, though, so plan carefully! For instance, double beds need 125 square feet, while twin beds need 150 square feet. Take the time to work emergency exits into your basement blueprints – you never know when a quick and easy escape will become necessary!

Increase Kitchen and Laundry Potential 

Did you know that you can use your basement in more creative ways, such as including another kitchen or laundry room? It’s true, all of it. For example, consider including a wet bar or a kitchenette in a section either connected to the staircase. It can also be a standalone feature! Meanwhile, a second, half-sized laundry room can also give guests a place to wash and dry their clothes and bedding, especially if the washer and dryer are stacked on top of each other. Regardless of your design choices, be sure to include floor drains and vent access for both appliances to work correctly and avoid flooding your Pasadena home’s basement! 

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