2022 Must-Haves When Building a New Home

2022 Must-Haves When Building a New Home

New home design trends emerging in 2022 for inspiring ideas on building a new custom home.

The previous years have brought on so many changes to our life, especially our home life. New home design trends for 2022 focus on the high demands of homeowners who want their new homes to be functional, comfortable, efficient, and sustainable. A list of new home trends emerging in 2022 is provided below for inspiring ideas on building a new custom home.

Curved Design Trends                                                                                                

It appears that curved design elements are an up-and-coming trend in custom homes for 2022. Expect to see an increase in arched entryways and windows, curved walkways, along with rounded and curved furniture pieces, accessories, and decor. These designs can add character, dimension, and space to each room in your new home.

Natural Materials

In 2022, we will see the number of new homes returning to natural and sustainable materials increase. These materials include eco-friendly construction materials like wood, brick, and stone. The use of natural and sustainable building materials in custom homes has environmental, financial, and health benefits.

At Home Work Space

One of the most relevant new home trends in 2022 is adding an at-home workspace. The ongoing pandemic that we are currently experiencing resulted in many of us utilizing our homes for work, school, and leisure. Dedicating a separate space for your work distinguished from the rest of your home offers you a place of peace and productivity where you can comfortably tackle tasks with little or no distractions.

Outdoor Living

When building your new home, the exterior is just as important as the interior. The number of people becoming in sync with the environment, nature, and the surrounding outdoor elements has increased. Homeowners want to be able to enjoy their favorite activities without having to travel outside of the comforts of their yard. Establishing flow between indoor and outdoor areas is another emerging trend in new homes. Enhancing the spaces and features outside your home is another emerging trend for new homes in 2022.

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