Talking About Style and Design with Your Custom Home Builder

Talking About Style and Design with Your Custom Home Builder

This blog contains a few tips to help you prepare the style and design discussion with your builder!

So, you’ve decided to finally create the custom home of your dreams, and you’re ready to sit down with a dependable custom home builder to get the creative juices flowing. Talking about your preferences clearly and concisely will help your home builder understand your desires and goals to deliver you the results that you will love. So, what are a few of the best ways to create a pain-free and successful design process? This is by gathering inspiration and figuring out what it is you like and dislike. This will make you more prepared to have those crucial conversations with your home builders. Read on for a few tips to help you prepare the style and design discussion with your builder!

Create a Pros and a Cons List

We’re all familiar with a pros and a cons list. When it comes to getting the design done your new home, it is a natural inclination to list all of the things that you’d want, but listing the “don’t wants” is just as crucial. For example, you could love the idea of a swimming pool in your backyard, but you may not like the idea of a water feature being there. Listing out these preferences before the design process has started with your home builder will increase your overall satisfaction with everything from the start to the end.

Get Visual with Your Custom Home Builder

Any home designer or custom home builder would agree that their work is entirely visual. Keeping this in mind, the ideal way to communicate your desires and ideas is through pictures. Cut or print out these photographs if you’re getting inspiration from homes you’ve seen in magazines or online! Each piece of visual inspiration will help your home builder understand what you see as your dream home, and it will make the process go much more smoothly.

Get into Specifics with Your Custom Home Builders

Add some notes under each picture that you have that will explain in words what you think about the space that made you include it in the style and design phase. This includes what you like about it, how you think it ties into the rest of your custom house, and where else you may wish to include this design. Allow your custom home builder to know each detail, and it will help them, in the long run, to help create your vision.

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