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//Just How Wide Should My Home’s Hallways Be?

Just How Wide Should My Home’s Hallways Be?

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It is entirely possible to make your hallways look as fantastic as other rooms in your home.

Hallway width never seems to be an issue. At least at first, it isn’t. However, once you move into your dream home, you could come to find out that the measurements weren’t quite right. You can be more creative with them than you might think – just like linen closets, mudrooms, garages, and other underappreciated spaces within your home.

Creating Visually Appealing Focal Points
It’s easy to assume that hallways are only functional. They aren’t supposed to be aesthetically impressive. That is, of course, a major misconception. It is entirely possible to make your hallways look as fantastic as other rooms in your home. One elegant way to make this happen is by creating visually appealing focal points. The look of the staircase and the layout of the foyer make a noticeable difference. Plus, adding arches, tables, and mirrors can make a classy statement while also providing some utility at the same time. Return air vents and runner rugs can also serve as understated yet effective anchor points.

Taking Conventional Height and Width Into Consideration
Perhaps the single most important aspect of residential hallways is the size. Dimensions such as height and width are usually determined based on minimum standards. What exactly does this mean for you? The “normal” ceiling height in terms of American measurements is 8 feet. That said, many homeowners prefer 9 feet or more. That means they have more flexibility to take advantage of more unconventional design options.

Most of the time, your hallways must be at least 36 inches wider. It’s also a good idea to widen the hallways for householders who have mobility challenges. That way, traversing them with canes, walkers, and wheelchairs is much easier to do. For instance, with 48-inches, you could add some narrow furniture. However, for larger furnishings to fit, you should opt for measurements between 54 and 72 inches instead.

Using Well-Placed Built-in Storage Solutions
Built-ins also provide another element of convenience. First of all, the feeling of claustrophobia decreases. That’s because the hallways feel larger than they are due to the extra storage space.
Adding an Interesting Gallery Wall
Another great idea is to add an interesting gallery wall to each of the hallways. By doing this, you could showcase various interests, cherished memories, and pop culture fandoms that reflect what you and your family enjoy. The art pieces should be leveled off at eye level or just below eye level. Thus, you’ll need a height between 57 and 62 inches.

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