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//Building a Custom Home on Your Property: What You Should Know About the “Stick-Built” Method

Building a Custom Home on Your Property: What You Should Know About the “Stick-Built” Method

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No one can be totally sure of what the future holds, but this will be your forever home, situated on the property you already own.

At long last, your dream is about to come true. It’s almost time to break ground on the lot where your custom home will be located. No one can be totally sure of what the future holds, but this will be your forever home, situated on the property you already own. Cedar Square Homes specializes in building on your lot or ours! The choice is yours. Stick-built and “prefab” houses are more different than you might expect. Why is this the case? We’ll fill you in.

Building from the Ground Up Where You Live
Prefabricated homes come off an assembly line in a factory. After each component is built, it is then shipped to the location where it will be placed. However, for stick-built homes, everything is brought to your property first. Then once everything is prepared, construction begins. Local construction companies that you know and trust will be on hand to answer all of your questions and handle the heavy lifting – figuratively and literally! You can also expect local labor and materials to be prioritized over anything from out of state. Project managers, construction teams, and interior designers will guide you through bringing your new home from conception to completion.

The Process Relies on Traditional Techniques
The term “stick-built” isn’t heard that often, so it’s easy to make incorrect assumptions about it. Thus, you’d probably think that it refers to an unorthodox approach to building houses. That isn’t the case. It’s actually quite conventional – the wooden frames you typically see when you drive past an under-construction home? Those are the literal building blocks of any stick-built home. Each piece is assembled on-site, and as such, these dwellings are also referred to as “site-built” homes. Lumber, siding, roofing materials, and fence components are all brought to your land. Then the entire thing is raised by human effort.

These Homes Are Highly Customizable
Even in a community where the Homeowners Association (HOA) has a great deal of influence, you can still find ways to make your home stick out from the crowd. What this means is that you’ll have control over the materials used, the layouts implemented, and the design features that boost the interior cohesion of your new home. Custom features can be included more easily, which can improve accessibility from day one. Standard floor plans are offered, although they can be modified to suit the homeowners’ needs and wants alike.

They’re Also Surprisingly Affordable
Saving money is important. Otherwise, saving up for eventual home maintenance concerns will be much more difficult. Plus, you’ll have more money in your budget to splurge on furnishings, structural additions, and yes, even swimming pools in the backyard.

You Can Accumulate Home Equity More Quickly
In simplest terms, the home equity you accrue depends on the financial disparity between how much you paid for your home and how much it is worth upon a property assessment. Some areas are bound to have higher property values and, as such, higher property taxes. Fixed equity rates can offset these costs while also making the mortgage payments more manageable.

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Whether you are ready to start the custom building home journey or you still have more questions, the trained professionals at Cedar Square Homes are here to help you out. We are beloved throughout Maryland and beyond for our attentive service and affordable home remodeling and building prices. We proudly serve Anne Arundel County. Visit us online or give us a call at 410-987-9771. To see more examples of our work and for helpful tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Cedar Square Homes MHIC #27095


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