Custom Home Maintenance Tips: What to Do About Ice Dams

If you see them forming on the exteriors of your new custom home, you shouldn’t wait to take action. Here are some custom home maintenance tips for dealing with ice dams this winter.

One frequent sight during the winter months is that pesky ice dam. But what exactly is an ice dam, and what should do about them? If you see them forming on the exteriors of your new custom home, you shouldn’t wait to take action. Here are some custom home maintenance tips for dealing with ice dams this winter.

How Your Roof Holds Up

Ice dams will weigh heavily on your roof. Of all of your custom home maintenance tips, we cannot over stress enough how vital it is to take proper care of your roof. Different parts of your roof will measure different temperatures, considering how the sun will hit at different parts of the day. What does this mean? It means some snow will melt up top and then refreeze before they reach the bottom.

If your roof isn’t well-ventilated, this will only make the problem worse. Make sure your ventilation is optimized to prevent any future problems. You should also know that if your custom has a steep roof, it’ll be more prone to developing ice dams.

Signs of Damage

How can you tell ice dams are causing havoc on your roof? Well, here are some examples:


  • Melting water infiltrates your roof shingles and stays there, wearing them out more quickly than need be.
  • Paint might start chipping and cracking.
  • Falling ice dams can damage your siding, shingles, and gutters.

Getting Rid of Them

Have someone with you when you climb up onto the ladder. They’ll be able to support the ladder and keep it steady, which is especially important considering how slippery it will be outside. Then, once you have the ice dam in hand, break it apart piece by piece, and play it safe – using an axe or something else that holds an edge could end up damaging your roof shingles as well as injuring you or whoever you have working with you. Don’t forget to wear goggles, so chunks of flying ice don’t harm your eyes. Then be sure to look at your gutter systems and your downspouts and get rid of any debris you find in them.

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