//Building a Bedroom in Your Pasadena Custom Home

Building a Bedroom in Your Pasadena Custom Home

Building a Bedroom in Your Pasadena Custom Home

The bedroom is one of the most important places in your home.

The bedroom is one of the most important places in your home. It doesn’t matter if it is a custom home that you’ve just moved into or the house that you grew up in; the bedroom is still just as important. After all, it’s a place to rest, so make it as comfortable as you can! Here are some tips for building a bedroom in your Pasadena custom home.

Pick a Mattress

Finding a good mattress can make the difference between a good night’s sleep a terrible one that will make you feel dead tired all of the next day. The best mattresses might be pricey, but considering all of the other changes you’re trying to make in your custom home, it probably won’t be too outlandish. You’ll feel much more energetic during the day, and you’ll be able to do a lot more for, especially if you’ve been beating yourself up for not being able to get enough done around the house after you get home from work.

Design the Layout

Now, the next step is to design the layout of your new bedroom. In a custom home, you can make every room a different size, depending on what you need that room to do. A guest bedroom is going to be a different size than the master suite, and a home office that features a day bed is going to be smaller than even the bedrooms you assign to your children. Keep the bed oriented towards the door, which will help you get up and move around in the dark, especially if you need to visit the bathroom during the night for one reason or another.

Add More Lighting

You’ll also need to add more lighting. Whether you like to curl up in bed and watch a movie, or read before it’s time for bed, you’ll want to be able to give your eyes as much light as possible. It’s much easier to change the lights in a custom home than you might think. A hanging pendant light can make a huge difference, as can light bulbs that you can use voice commands to turn on and off. You won’t even have to get out of bed!

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