//4 Things to Think About Before Building a Custom Home in Crofton

4 Things to Think About Before Building a Custom Home in Crofton

4 Things to Think About Before Building a Custom Home in Crofton

Building a custom home is a dream for many people.

Building a custom home is a dream for many people. Unlike remodeling your current home or buying a new home that is really only new to you, building a custom home ensures that you know the ins and outs of what you’re getting (as well as what is below the surface). But it is also a huge investment of both time and money. Before you commit, you need to really examine your motivations and options, especially if you already have a home that you could just as easily renovate.

State Of Your Current Home

There are some cases where the home that you own can be remodeled into your dream home, and there are some cases when it can’t.  If a home you currently own suffers from extensive water or fire damage, if the roof has caved in, or if the foundation is crumbling, it likely isn’t worth investing any more money in it. A structural engineer can inspect the building and help you make the determination. If the home has some “good bones” to work with, it could be more cost effective to remodel instead of starting from scratch with a custom home elsewhere.

Size Of Your Budget

Most people assume that the custom built home is going to be the more expensive option. While custom building your dream home will take a sizable investment, home remodels also cost a lot. And if your current home would need a remodel of many rooms or of multiple floors to become your dream home, that might cost you more than custom building a new one and selling the one you have.

Length Of Your Timeframe

If you’re on a tight timeline, renovating your current home might be the better choice for you. Complete custom builds take time, often more than a year. So if you need the extra space by this coming summer, you likely don’t have time to build a custom home. However, while home remodels take less time, they pose a sizable disruption to your life, since it is work going on in the home you currently live in.

Complexity Of Your Dream

The bottom line when deciding if it is better to remodel or custom build is going to be how much work it will take to make your dream home a reality. If your current home is close but needs some upgrades and minor changes, remodeling is likely the better choice. If it would be easier to raze the whole thing and start over, it’s probably time to sell your current place and find a custom builder you can work with.

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