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//What Exactly Does a Swimming Pool Inspection Entail?

What Exactly Does a Swimming Pool Inspection Entail?

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Without this comprehensive inspection, negotiations between the seller and buyer could become more complicated and drawn-out.

The prospect of another swimming pool season is always exciting! The time has come to spend all day sunbathing and going for a few laps to help cool off. It would help if you did everything you can to maintain the condition of the pool; that’s where the inspection process comes into the picture. What should you keep in mind as all of this plays out? Good question. Allow us to answer it for you!
Reasons Why It Matters
First of all, let’s look at why inspections are so important. For one thing, the entire home should be inspected by a professional. Then the inspector prepares a report that summarizes the findings of the inspection. Without this comprehensive inspection, negotiations between the seller and buyer could become more complicated and drawn-out. The pool might need some minor repairs; alternatively, there could be more profound issues that affect the pool’s structural integrity. Home purchases also cover the pool in the backyard; the pool impacts the transaction because of the various costs involved – and who will be responsible for covering them.
Hiring a Home Inspector
It’s easy to assume that all home inspectors are also qualified to inspect the backyard pool. This assumption, however, is a misconception. You will come to find out that some inspectors are hesitant to inspect pools due to the potential for a liability issue arising from incorrect assessments. As such, errors and omissions insurance is a standard policy that such inspectors carry. Unfortunately, the errors and omissions insurance will not always apply to pool inspections. The liabilities associated with swimming pools could potentially expose both the inspector and their insurance carrier to lawsuits. That said, the “brief” or “limited” inspection remains a viable option – that way, there isn’t as much risk involved in terms of liability-related obligations.
When It Becomes Necessary
Professional pool inspectors are specialists with the proper training and know-how to get this difficult and complex job done. Pool safety is their top priority. They also have access to all of the necessary insurance that comes with that duty. This inspection can reveal previously unknown problems hidden within the landscape around the pool or in the yard by the poolside area.
How Do Inspections Work?
Inspections start with a walk-around examination of the pool deck, the coping, and the mastic. The fencing and gates are also inspected. Liners and foundations are also checked to ensure there are no signs of leaks or cracks. All hardware and safety features, such as rails, diving boards, filters, and ladders, are subject to inspection as well.

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