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//Use the Power of Steam to Make Your Bathroom Even Better!

Use the Power of Steam to Make Your Bathroom Even Better!

Add a touch of serenity to your bathroom by making the most of the technique known as steam bathing!

Why should you let your custom home be ordinary? It can be extraordinary. There’s a design philosophy that says form should always follow function. Even so, if no one dared to bend the rules a little bit, we might not have some of the remarkable innovations we have now. Have you been searching for ways to make your custom bathroom more relaxing? Add a touch of serenity to your by making the most of the technique known as steam bathing!
Switching On the Steam Shower
Getting the steam shower set up is surprisingly easy. With the press of a single button, you’re on your way to detoxifying your body, revitalizing your skin, and relieving tired muscles. Once you’re done with your shower, sinking into a comfy bed fitted with fresh bedding will be like a dream come true.
Sit Back and Destress
The normal human body temperature is around 98.6 degrees. By using the power of steam, you can raise your body temperature a little bit while in your controlled bathroom environment. The temperature range you should aim for is 100-103 degrees F. Steam showers, and steam baths alike help you do this. That’s because they’ll encourage your pores to open up and let out more sweat. Plus, all of the heat makes you feel good for a reason; the endorphin rush makes stress float away.
Maximize the Detox Effect
There are many diets and cleanses that claim to boost your body’s ability to flush out toxins. In the end, though, humble water can make a huge difference. Since steam gently opens the pores, it helps get toxins and other impurities out. That way, if you’re not keen on exercising (or you may have trouble sweating), you’ll be amazed to know that the simple act of sweating releases up to 30% of all the toxins hidden inside your body.
Tune Up Your Immune System
With cold and flu season on the way, activating your immune system is an even better idea than usual. Your body naturally raises its internal temperature to help fight off infections. That’s why you start to feel a fever – it means that white blood cells are massing to defend you against the bacteria and germs that mean to harm you.
Steam Helps Beautify Your Skin
Finally, we’d like to point out that steam helps you look and feel better. That’s because one of its most beneficial properties is that it will speed up your metabolism. Likewise, your blood flow improves, and these effects make your skin look healthier and more beautiful!
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