Some More Suggestions for Designing a Wow-Worthy Basement

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Here are some more suggestions for how to curate an amazing basement that will make your whole neighborhood want to come over!

Outdoor living areas are probably going to be where you congregate for the next few months. After all, fresh air, bright sunlight, and a hot grill just scream summer. But what do you do on the days when the weather is dark and stormy? Or maybe you just want to soak up the air conditioning? Once you have a finished basement, there are so many other ideas that you can use to take it up a notch. Here are some more suggestions for how to curate an amazing basement that will make your whole neighborhood want to come over!

Play Up That Indescribable Cozy Feeling Known as Hygge

We’ve previously spoken about hygge. It is a sensation of total comfort and coziness. It comes to us from our friends in Denmark, who distilled that feeling into an actual word. Even so, it’s hard to capture the essence of such a feeling, much like the flavor called umami. Think of the basement as an extra living room or den that you might not be able to fit upstairs. Add wallpaper and artwork, then put down soft rugs and comfy pillows. Your feet will thank you!

Potentially Invite Renters to Share Your Space

Now, this idea was much more viable in the past. However, with society slowly returning to normal, having renters come to stay with you could be another possible source of income. Plus, you might have a roommate who bonds with you, and you become great friends even after they no longer live with you. Basement renovations make a huge difference, especially if designated areas for eating, lounging, and sleeping are part of the package deal!

Create a Place for Adults to Hang Out

Last week, we emphasized the importance of play and playtime. Well, it’s a vital part of daily life for grownups, too! A bar and a pool table are two common basement additions that upgrade this unwinding zone. Bar sinks, mini-fridges, and a walk-in pantry can help improve the experience, too! While you can and should still let your younger children play around this area, do so with some reasonable precautions, such as moving toys and other fun clutter out of the way so nobody trips!

Find Ways to Keep It Warm

As summer rolls on, you can expect there to be plenty of humid nights. As such, you might be wondering why making your basement warmer would sound like good advice. The thing is, you’ll still want to use your basement once the weather cools down. A fireplace makes an elegant statement and serves as a handy place to grill hot dogs and melt s’mores.

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