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//Summer is Coming! Welcome It Back By Giving Your Home a Makeover

Summer is Coming! Welcome It Back By Giving Your Home a Makeover

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Hello there! Summer is finally on its way again

Hello there! Summer is finally on its way again. Infusing your home with cheerful summer vibes is pretty easy. Even though spring feels like it ended in the blink of an eye, the transition between seasons is still an exciting one. As beautiful as your home was (and still is), it could probably do with a facelift before summer’s fun is in full swing. Let us show you how to pull this project off!
Consider the Condition of the Roof
Reinforcing the roof is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance. Even if your roof is relatively new, powerful spring and summer storms can take their toll. Roof cleaning requires professional expertise, but it’s a fantastic way to revive the aesthetics of your home’s roof.
Making the Pool the Centerpiece of Your Backyard
We’ve previously spoken about advice for reopening your pool. Once the inspection and upkeep procedures are taken care of, it’s almost time to throw a pool party in celebration. But how can you take your backyard swimming pool experience to the next level? It’s as simple as making the pool the focal point of the entire outdoor space, of course! The patio can support an outdoor kitchen that will make a swimming and movie night under the stars all the more enjoyable. After all, there’ll be plenty of yummy cookout food to go around! Swimming pools can also anchor other yard upgrades such as hot tubs, swim spas, swing sets, sandboxes, and doghouses!
Feel Free to Accessorize As Much As You Want
Accessorization and customization go hand-in-hand. They are the peanut butter and jelly pairing of any custom home building process. With that in mind, feel free to accessorize your home’s exterior as much as you want. Giving everything a sense of summertime vibes doesn’t have to seem like a challenge – in fact, it should be the opposite feeling! Shutters, front doors, and window dressings typically don’t receive as much attention as they deserve.
Repaint the Home’s Exterior Features
Another fabulous idea for changing how your home looks this summer is to get some more painting done. Although many homeowners assume that repainting only affects interior rooms, doing the same for your home’s exterior makes a magnificent difference as well. Brick, stucco, and vinyl are all highly paintable materials.
Spruce Up Your Landscape Design
Sprucing up your home’s landscape is a fun way to spend the summer. Whether you want to plant some tomato patches or start a garden full of flowers, it’s another elegant way to beautify the appearance of your humble abode!

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