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//3 Fun Autumn Activities to Enjoy with Your Loved Ones!

3 Fun Autumn Activities to Enjoy with Your Loved Ones!

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We’ve put together a quick list of fun autumn activities you can do to spend time with your household and friends!

September is basically here. At long last, the scorching temperatures of summer will begin to taper off. From this point on, it should start to cool down. You know what that means! Sweater weather is just about here, and from here on out, it’s not too much longer until Halloween! We’ve put together a quick list of fun activities you can do to spend time with your household and friends!

Going for Longer Hikes
Spring and summer are great times to get outdoors. If you love to hit the trails, though, summer might have been too hot for you to work up such a sweat. But since the weather is about to get nice and crisp, you can take advantage. What do we mean? Start going for longer hikes! Let’s say your spouse bought you a quality pair of hiking boots, but you haven’t been able to break them in yet. Ease yourself into doing it and get the hang of the footwear you want to use. Take pictures of the gorgeous colors that autumn brings with it. The air is fresh and brisk, and it’ll help you feel better. Plus, when you get home and feel a bit chilly, it’s time for apple cider! For the most part, though, you’ll want to stick to the beaten path and be cautious around local wildlife who may not always be super friendly to strange humans.

Picking Up Some Hefty Pumpkins
One of the iconic parts of fall is to go pumpkin picking. While eating pumpkin pie might not seem like a super-huge deal until Thanksgiving comes around, who says you need to stick to the same traditions that everyone else does? Pumpkin carving is a fun way to bond, and if you think that is too messy, well, you can simply paint the gourds instead. Let your kids pick out ones they like (even if they are tiny and cute instead of the size of bowling balls)!

Visiting a Local Corn Maze
Going to corn mazes and haunted forests are fantastic ways to spend time outdoors during the autumn months. With mask mandates and social distancing measures still in place, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone in your group sticks together. At the same time, try to avoid particularly crowded areas around the maze. The plus side is that the other visitors will be farther along the path or further back from where you are. It’s not as cramped as you might think!

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